Sorry about the lack of articles for quite sometime. It's not that we're not here, or not doing things, it's just something that we don't often get time to do. Bad form though we know (must try harder).

Today though we're making time because we have some great news we'd like to share with you. Last Thursday a few of the team were in London because Virtually S@fe had been shortlisted in two categories at the national MJ Awards.

"The say what now?" some of you may ask. If you haven't heard of the MJ it's the Municipal Journal and the awards are sort of like the Oscars for councils. They're a pretty big deal.

We're really pleased to say (and still can't quite believe) that we returned back home to Torbay with two MJ Awards. One in the 'Achieving Better Outcomes' category and one for 'Behaviour Change'.

This means we get to use this lovely 'Winner' logo. Super!



We think that this is a good thing because:

  1. Everyone in our team really cares about what we do.
  2. We put in a lot of hours outside of our day jobs (for reason why, please see 1.)
  3. It's really great to receive a pat on the back and a whopping great 'well done' now and again (it makes us smile and want to work even harder).
  4. Recognition for our project at a national level helps us to raise the profile of esafety as an important issue for children, young people and families. 
  5. Winning means that maybe our local media partners will want to help us share some more messages (and we are always grateful for their support).
  6. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the awards might start some conversations with individuals and organisations who might want to help us.

So a very public well done to Torbay Council, Devon and Cornwall Police and Hele's Angels, the people who make Virtually S@fe happen.

Thank you to Torbay schools, local parents and carers, children and young people - everyone who we get to spend time with (and always learn from in the process).

Also a huge well done to all the local authorities who were recognised by the MJ this year, including our partners in Torbay Council who were shortlisted in the Environmental Health and Trading Standards category (see chaps in bow ties above). 

To those who won awards - well done you. To those who didn't scoop the top prizes - well done to you too, being shortlisted is huge. We received a 'highly commended' by the MJ last year and it just made us more hungry to give it another try this year.

And finally a huge thanks to the MJ for selecting us. It really does mean a lot.


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