Last week the project founders travelled up to London for a ‘bit of a do’ after being shortlisted for a Nominet Internet Award 2014 #NIA2014. Nominet is an internet registry company known for managing the .uk domain space and each year they very kindly give awards to individuals and organisations who are doing great work online. We were shortlisted in the category ‘Making the internet a safer place’ which was a real honour.

The awards were held at the London Film Museum and thanks to a James Bond exhibit of cars and other gadgetry, the evening had a distinctly glamorous feel to it!

We didn’t win the top award as that went to a fantastic scheme called eCadets, following closely behind as the runner up was Safer Internet Day which is delivered by the incredibly skilled (and always really really friendly) team at the UK Safer Internet Centre. What we did receive was the judges ‘highly commended’ recognition, which was very exciting.

What struck us at the awards was being in the company of so many people who are trying to do good online. Like many things in life it’s often easy to focus on the negatives. At Virtually S@fe we explore online risks, but we also speak with children and parents about the very best elements of being online. It was really encouraging to know that there are a lot of people from a diverse range of organisations and groups who are working hard, every day, to make the internet a safer and more enjoyable environment.

A huge well done to all involved, especially the team at Nominet for a fantastic event. We hope to be back again next year (maybe?!).

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