Sometimes we get asked to provide short presentations about Virtually S@fe to different groups. Tomorrow Inspector Costin will be presenting to Torbay and Devon Safeguarding Children Boards. We owe a lot of thanks to the Torbay Safeguarding Children Board as with some funding from them, we were able to get Virtually S@fe up and running.

It’s really hard to sum up what our project does and the many many things we’ve learned along the way in a short presentation (but we give it a good go). What we try to do is give a flavour of our work and outline why online safety needs to be a top priority. That way if anyone wants to have a much more detailed discussion with us, they can always get in touch.

Anyhoo, here’s one of our presentations.This one is a 20 minute presentation aimed at professionals and decision makers in the field of children’s safeguarding.

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